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You do not have to go far to seek out unbelievable local meals in Hanoi. Sandwiched between the countless road market of fresh produce and lately deceased animals are food stalls, eating places or even a few plastic chairs round a frying pan. For the traveler who misses house or wants a break from Vietnamese fare, you don’t should go far in HCMC to discover a McDonald’s, Burger King or Starbucks. By no means is it the United States, however you've a plethora of western quick meals options at your beckoning.The variety of motorbikes in these two cities is astronomical. Estimates on the variety of motorbikes in Hanoi vary from 2-4 million. That staggering variety of motorbikes leads to a lot of pollution. Even Bangkok will look like a quiet place after a go to to Vietnam. One of the first things many individuals notice when coming to Vietnam is the large number of locals sporting masks over their mouths and noses.Get Unlimited Access To The World'S Best Travel Stories Subscribe Now.It’s one thing to visit a place the place the water isn’t safe to drink, however when the locals feel the need for defense from the very air they breathe every day, this is a downside. As mentioned above, meals is costlier in Ho Chi Minh City. Even your good hostel in Hanoi that was lower than $10 a night may be double in HCMC. has the advantage in relation to road food, prices and ease of finding food. Old Quarter Hanoi is a labyrinth of chaos, shops and most importantly, meals.In truth, Vietnam is a kind of locations where cooking is in the bones of the folks and the material of society. The Vietnamese are born right into a world with wonderful delicacies and continue the tradition with every technology. Ho Chi Minh City may not be the middle of politics, however it is the financial center. The metropolis is sizzling as hell year-round with food for any appetite. HCMC is residence to smiling people and an excellent launching level for a Southeast Asian wandering.Read Full Report These differences turn into much more noticable when you plan to spend an extended time in the nation.A week in India can price you about $200 , while per week in Vietnam might value you around $284.The finest, fastest and comfortable means of transport from Hanoi to Da Nang is to journey by plane, only about 1.5 hour and generally these flights are very cheap. If you want to go to one other locations in central Vietnam (eg. Dong Hoi, Hue…) you'll be able to journey by train, there are sleeper berth cabins. HCMC is a cool city that's value a visit, but Hanoi is hard to beat!In addition to worldwide business, financial fortune is a draw for many Vietnamese residents from different components of the nation. This is what makes Ho Chi Minh City different, what's fueling the change.What Is The Best Way Of Transport From Hanoi To Da Nang?The western affect in the southern megacity brings worldwide calls for for brand spanking new and different cuisine. The metropolis middle, with no shortage of local restaurants, has plenty of different options to offer. Restaurant varieties include pizza, American BBQ, Sushi, Cajun and Korean, to name a couple of. nearly as good as the unique – or a hot bowl of pho from the source. The ingredients are domestically sourced and fresh and it seems that every restaurant and food stall is staffed by a educated chef.