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super fast replyOne thing that makes it stand out is the fact that 100% of ladies have had no less than some secondary training. Spain is the most secure country on Earth for women touring alone and it’s the 2nd most visited destination . This sun-blessed mediterranean jewel performed very nicely with avenue security, low legal discrimination and low violence in opposition to ladies attitudes.I’m about to embark on my first ever solo trip – to the USA – and my associates have put the concern of God in me about being alone in some areas they check with as “questionable” in terms of their safety. To allay their fears, I actually have opted to do group day trips at my first cease to try and ease myself into it. For the sake of transparency on this problem, I have been aggressively groped thrice in my life. Each time I was disenchanted and mad, and none were to the point that I feared it would go additional.Austria had a number of the lowest levels of sexual violence and gender inequality out of all the locations we reviewed. Only 4 points behind Ireland makes Austria the fourth most secure country for solo feminine travelers.Each incident reminded me that the way society sees girls has an extended method to go in plenty of locations on the earth, my very own country included. In 10 years as a solo feminine traveler, I actually have experienced solely two incidences of clear violence towards me. One was in broad daylight throughout a competition in India and one other in Jordan, additionally through the day. If we boil down the core concern for solo girls it’s rape.One factor fascinating to notice is that in 2018, Spain’s government had ladies outnumbering males with eleven out of the 17 cabinet seats. Below you’ll find the 5 safest nations for solo feminine journey. Not surprisingly, 4 of the 5 are in located in Western Europe. If you’re planning your first solo trip then these international locations may well be a great start line before venturing out to the extra “risky” nations.My finest pal’s mom heartily disapproves of my travels. There is little doubt that “solo feminine travel” is a trending topic as shown in the Google Trends chart beneath. While at the same time, the idea that “girls shouldn’t travel alone” is still a very common trope. We imagine solo female journey is secure within the majority of cases. Additionally, you can have a great expertise in a rustic that ranked poorly on our record or have a scary experience in a rustic that's thought of very safe.