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Ford Focus is a popular car for those who like to spend long hours on the road. It has been sold all over the world and has had countless fans. There are many models of this car in the market and Ford knows that it can come up with various models keeping in mind the need of its fanciers. Therefore, it comes up with Focus STI version. This is one model that has been launched specifically for those who want to get benefits from the Ford brand but do not have the budget for purchasing an expensive car.When talking about the Ford Focus STI, one will understand why it is very costly. It has features such as alloy wheels, aluminum body, full-length side step bars, dual exhaust with push button tail lights, premium sound system with CD player and subwoofer, leather wrapped seats, front wheel drive, etc. But fast cars with cheap insurance should remember that it is only one model of this vehicle. So, the insurance cost for it depends on various factors. We will look at them here.One of the factors that affect the insurance cost for the Ford Focus Stereo is the model of the car. In this case, it is the Focus STI which is a model which has been launched by Ford specifically for the high performance car crowd. So, the Focus STI is really not meant for the ordinary driver or the common man. When it is compared with the other models of the Ford car range, it will be seen that it is quite different and has some unique features that are not seen in any other model of this vehicle.Now, the question that arises is that how much it would cost to insure the Focus StI. Well, here are the facts. This car is new on the streets and its production is not complete. Hence, there are a lot of unknowns in the car and the price list of its production is also not final.Ford has always had an impeccable reputation for its vehicles and the Focus STI is one such example. Its base is on a powerful engine. The Ford Focus STI is not only a high performance but also a sleek looking one. It has been developed with great technologies and features. So, its reliability is not something which can be doubted about. Even though there have been no major mechanical problems in the Ford Focus STI, still it would not hurt to check.This means that there could be a problem with the Ford Focus STI and you would need to buy comprehensive insurance for it. You have a choice of taking it to a well-known auto insurance company that would insure it for a good price. But there are also many insurance companies which specialize in the Ford Focus STI. They deal in such cars only. So, if you want the best insurance cover for your Focus StI, then you can take your car to such specialized auto insurance companies.They would understand all the technicalities about your Ford Focus STI and would give you a quote which does not include any of the hidden costs. There may be some additional charges which you would have to pay for. The rates for such services are slightly higher than the general rates for other types of cars. But, for sure, the insurance cost of the Ford Focus STI is nothing compared to the value you will get when you claim. The insurance cost of the STI is just an investment in your safety.When you are purchasing a Ford Focus, you should consider its value. If you buy a car based only on its cheap price, then you might end up with some big financial problems in the future. Many people have claimed that they have spent a lot of money on the repair of the Ford Focus and for nothing to save it. You do not want to go in for such a decision. Make sure that the insurance cost of your Ford focus is calculated properly and that you also get the discount for the age of the car.