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Porcelain Photoshop is usually undeniably the main choice of professional photographers and image and design pros when it comes to croping and editing photos. It's a given that Photoshop will be the plan they're using.But while Photoshop is the major choice of professionals, it comes at a significant price tag which leads many non-professional photographers to ask if that they really NEED to utilize it.While the reply to that issue can really just be answered by way of each person singularly, there is a significant alternative to Photoshop that should be concerned. GIMP, no matter what it's hilarious sounding name (which is known as the GNU Image Realignment Program), is mostly a powerful, whole featured, open source photo updating program that will do a wide range of what Photoshop can carry out.If you're not familiar with Open Source software, really fantastic products. Basically it comes from rather talented people that donate the time and capabilities to create computer software alternatives that are offered free of charge. GIMP is a great example of excellent Free ware trojan that produces top notch efficiency.Similar to Photoshop, GIMP has a customizable interface and so the user may set it up the best way he or she decides on. GIMP adventures can be planned, arranged, launched or shut down, to accommodate you workflow and the individual needs.GIMP allows for a whole lot of automatic photography enhancements too. Often a mouse click can give great results. Tools like the Duplicate Tool as well as the Healing Device allow for advanced editing, similar to what you'll find in Photoshop.Files may be saved in a full range of formats including TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PSD, and GIF. Files can even be saved on formats like zip to optimize harddisk space.GIMP can be operated with a range of platforms which include Windows, Mac, and Linux.If you haven't tried GIMP, and if you're debating regarding whether or not you must purchase Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, offer GIMP a try. It's a free download, so you've gotten nothing to get rid of and anything to gain.The GIMP community is big and very loyal. works great, and you may come to a decision you don't need to your time money with Photoshop in fact!