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Simple Salad : Are you thinking about an easy although healthy menu for Christmas? Let us instruct you how to make a wholesome straight forward salad which is great for your body. It is simple to make it by adding your chosen vegetables such since lettuce, cucumber, plus tomato and organizing them. By hand-making the dressing, a person can have a more potent taste than normal.The menu info mainly because it uses healthful but easy-to-get components. No cooking procedure is needed. A person can enjoy these kinds of organic vegetables normally to preserve typically the nutrients. All typically the cooking process needs a few minutes to complete. Here are things:Ingredients(For some servings)Main Elements 2 tomatoes a single cucumber 1/4 onion 4 lettuces Magenta cabbage in the appropriate amount(A)1, 5 tsps of S&B Miracle Salt (original) 1 tablespoon of vinegar 3 tablespoons of Berio extra virgin mobile extra virgin olive oil 1/2 tsp of salt just one teaspoon of granulated glucoseHow in order to make the simple greensCut tomato plants into 2 cm squares, cucumbers straight into thin slices, and onions into little pieces. After that, chop the lettuces and purple cabbages into easy-to-eat parts.Mix (A) effectively.Place every one of the ingredients from step (1) on the bowl and apply (2) to finish.Now, your simple salad is able to serve.Food preparation time: about some minutesIn numerous cultures, salad is definitely remarkable as the particular most common menus to support a healthy lifestyle. Feeding on raw vegetables is definitely one way to be able to maintain their dietary value in all of them. As the taste regarding vegetables may not vary anywhere, you can add different versions using dressings. Nevertheless, be careful any time choosing ingredients, in addition to use only the best products with confirmed quality.Our straight forward salad recipe makes use of only the finest ingredients for typically the dressings as well as the organic vegetables. With this mixture, our simple salad recipe can offer large nutritional values with out wasting time in typically the kitchen for food preparation. For added satisfaction, we recommend My Green Growers lettuce because it runs through an organic and environmentally friendly growing process. Don't forget to take a look at some other delicious recipes in the My Green Growers website!