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Your only company is a couple of fish gliding alongside the bottom of this room. Oideion • Calming notes ring out beneath the trickle of sunshine rain. Sheltering From The Storm In The Bird Sanctuary Kitchen • It's been an extended day recognizing the rarest of birds by way of your binoculars, and now the rain has come in. Time to go inside for a nicely-deserved rest and a snack. • A actuality past house and time, brilliant and new with the discovery a toddler feels when exploring but concurrently familiar and comforting. Myst Island • You find yourself on a abandoned island in a world that is not our own.Through the open window, you can hear the birds by the pond and a distant thunderstorm. Cataclysmic Vicissitude • Inspired by the tragic story of the 1996 Mt. Everest catastrophe, which resulted in eight lives misplaced in the highest mountains on this earth.I prefer thunder to even be louder than the rain too. Twilight At The Cloud Recesses • The Cloud Recesses at Gusu are quiet tonight. Cottage Shelter • A peaceable night by the fireplace in a remote cottage, sheltered from the rain outside. Mansion Library • You sit by the fireside within the library of the mansion. There's an old clock and the old wooden flooring and stairs gently creeks.As you hearken to the howling winds and the haunting noises, you may get a way of the dread and terror the climbers felt throughout their ordeal on Everest. Deep Cave • You are in a deep underwater cave lined with bioluminescent life. You float and gaze in marvel at the glowing algae and coral.There are unusual symbols, puzzles, and mysteries everywhere, left by the people who have been right here earlier than. Inspired by the 90's point-and-click PC sport "Myst" and it's iconic music. Cobalt Sky • 200 thousand mild years away in the Andromeda Galaxy, a being appears up via its house planet's environment and wonders if anybody else is out there. It sits in awe and curiosity, questioning if anyone up there's pondering something comparable.This infuriates her father, who takes her out to sea to drown her. When she clings to the boat he cuts off her fingers, which then become the primary seals, & Sedna sinks into the briny deep to rule the ocean & the underworld. Picard's Lament • Twenty years have passed by since Captain Picard misplaced his best good friend, Commander Data.His inside gentle has dimmed, yet he longs for the stars. Is it even price trying to right past injustices and save humanity earlier than his time is up? On the other hand, the spark of a hero can not help but mild a hearth. Rain Song • I like how the Dukuk solo pairs with thunder. I really feel like it shines on it's own, however with some rain to really feel in the gaps.