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Unfortunately though as know, Sky Sports is blocked outside the UK. If you’re outside the UK travelling, on holiday or as an expat then you could still be paying for Sky Sports but not be able to watch it. For starters, with Sky Mobile TV you can only watch Sky Sports on your smartphone or tablet - you can't even cast or AirPlay it to your TV - and only a select number of devices even support it. If you only need access to BT Sport on your mobile phone, you can get a cheaper BT Sport app-only subscription. This gives you full access to all of the BT Sport channels on your mobile phone, including the ability to watch everything live. You can also catch up on sporting highlights, documentaries, stats and more. If you take out a Mobile Month pass, you get access to five channels – Sky Sports, Sky Sports Arena, Sky Sports Action, Sky Sports Racing and Sky Sports News – on your mobile device.